COVID-19 has brought many challenges but at the same time it has forced us to pay attention to certain tools that are now key for the operation of our companies and to be active as professionals. This time you will learn about the different ways in which you can make your webinar obtain good results.

First, what is a webinar? It refers to content whose objective is educational and is made in video format. This is transmitted online preferably using the Zoom platform, since it presents fewer problems in terms of connection and is quite complete.

Before launching your webinar on social networks you must define very well what it will be about. It should be a topic that can be interesting for a significant number of people since in this way you can have more users connected. You must also decide what type of webinar you will hold, as there are different variations. Among these: interviews, round tables, conferences, monologues, etc.

Following this, it is important to develop a registration URL so that the public interacts from the beginning, they can register to participate in the webinar that is going to be carried out and thus, reach a larger audience and keep a count of how many users will be connected for greater control and organization.

Now, the time has come to share the webinar on all your social platforms preferably weeks before not only to create expectation and excitement in users, but also to have time to inform what the online event will be about and who or who will be the guests.

You must take into account that for your webinar to be successful it should not exceed 45 minutes, have an outline, agenda or schedule where the topics that the guest or guests will talk about, the order and the time of the same are specified. You must also be punctual to create trust with users and if it is going to be broadcast live, you must perform tests before the webinar to avoid making mistakes and you must not forget to record the webinar to use the content later.

An additional tip would be to send not only a thank you email to all participants, but also a certificate that is reported prior to the webinar so that the user has a greater extra motivation to be present at the event.

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